Hamburg Hell 2017 - All the infos!

Find everything you need to know about the vert contest - where, when, how to get here, where to stay and where to party!

How to get to Hamburg

Find out how to travel to Hamburg: car, train, bus or airplane.

Where to stay in Hamburg?

We’ll give you several possibilities to find a great place to stay during your visit to Hamburg!

Contest Infos

What is happening during the contest, which heats are taking place, how can you register, what does it cost etc…all here!

After Party!

After the contest is the party! We keep it simple – find a good bar, book it for the riders and friends and party with bands!

About Hamburg Hell 2017

The whole idea behind the Hamburg Hell 2017 vert skateboarding contest started just like you could think it would - a night out with the skaters, way too many drinks and a dream about getting vert skateboarding back on the map in Hamburg, Germany. A few months later and we've got a date for the contest, sponsors, helpers galore and now we just need to get the skaters to pre-register so we know how much space we need in the hotel. Can't wait to see you all here next March 10th and 11th. Later! Jonathan Young and the Hamburg Hell Crew